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meHello creative companion!

I am the creator of brand Morenn – jewelery created with passion for creative people, dreamers and free spirits who like to stand out. I hope that You can find on my blog answers about jewelery, creating, stones used in it and close it story for You.

Who am I? My name is Monika Bartsch and I’m restless spirit seeking for own path. Running from schemes, swim against crowd and looking for my own paths for happines.

I grew up in Lodz in Poland, among the residental blocks, beautiful XIX century town houses, parks and streets full of holes. I have always been full of energy and enthusiasm. My hands always created something from nothing without rest. Clay, filoselle, beads, paint, paper – I was converting everything, it was my power source. I build huge animals in sandbox, drawing on walls, embroidered bags, woven bracelet, making earrings from caps or molding resin from trees and creating short-lived sculptures. Creativity has been an integral part of myself.

I studied Graphic arts, obtain very good results, but as a free spirit and opportunist I could not learn in such a system. In 2012, I moved to a small village in Yorkshire, England. I work, explore, enjoy life. Here I discovered my Passion. The thing that fascinates me the most is jewellery, and everything connected with it.

I’ve always liked to stand out from the crowd. Jewelry from a jeweler? All alike, executed en masse and wholesale. No thanks. Jewelry stores also did not meet my expectations. I do not like to wear plastic, glass and nickel-plated objects. The desire to satisfy my own desires led me to start working with wire. Soon after, I soaked completely. All of my free time I spent on searching on the internet how? with What? or from what? create jewellery what lives in my head. As every student I had my successes and failures, but did not give up and so now I make exactly what I want. First I created for myself only, next for my family and friends. After some encouraging comments from friends and strangers, I decided to come out in September 2014 and show a wider audience as Morenn. And now the blog Morenn is going to show everything from the kitchen. My projects – step by step from a sheet of paper, or thoughts to the end result. Techniques jewelry, stones, history.

I am a self-taught metalsmith, amateur mineralogist, the maker of jewelry I’ve always dreamed about. I live with passion, contagion of others (my boyfriend does not like stones, but fell in love with mineralogy) and I want to also infect you my kink.

Privately I love a good cup of tea, books with whom you can spend intoxicating night and old rock and rock’n’roll. I am a fan of active rest and travel. I love steampunk, boho, victorian style and almost everything retro, vintage or shabby chic. I love all animals and I’m obsessed with my assistant, Bengal Cat Kirian.

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