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Royal-Stone is a unique shop on the Polish market. Their resources include almost everything for people who are making jewelry, and with superb quality.

Every year they create a unique contest. There are 13 different leading photo themes, and talented individuals crafted jewellery for each of them. You can use any technique, but jewellery need to be connected with theme by colour, shape or subject. Then take a photo of jewellery piece on white background, and send entry application. The winner works will be included in the calendar for next year. Jury awarded three works in every theme, and some commendation. Winners also receive cash prizes to use in the shop.
Last year my entry was with chameleon – Furcifer neclace. I start learning how to make jewellery few months earlier, so it was my coming out for strangers. I did not gained any award, but I get so much appreciation, that I was emboldened enough to try this year again.


When they publish Caramel Romanticism theme, I knew this is it! Idea appered immediately, with thoughts about raw ambers. They sweet orange-brown-caramel color, and hard candys appearance. From the beginning I knew it will be a necklace. Silver with amber. Long. My first idea was about heavy necklace fullyfill with ambers, but when I start drawing and doodling, trying on ambers and precising design, I rejected it.


All process progressed slowly but continously. In meantime cabochon joined to my design. I was vacillate between moonstone and rutilated quartz. Then my cat chose quartz. He stole it from my desk and start to playing with it all over the place. I take cat toy, and began to create. Cutting, bending and shaping fine silver wire. Then I solder it with high temperature solder to create a required shape. I had some doubts how to frame a stone. Closed bazel would be to “heavy” and take too many light from the stone. So i rejected that thought.

1 -poczatek

I do not like setting stones with prongs – with cabs it’s not peak of elegance for me, so I decide to build something similar, but not exactly a prong. First, I build it from copper wire, and that give me ideal length of needed wires to set up stone. I cut fine silver wire, create a two tear shapes and solder together. Next step was connected it with triangle and a semicircle with medium solder to create stone setting. When stone holder was ready I attach it to the rest of the necklace, in two ways. Bottom part I solder with base shape, and top one solder with another wire, which I use later to wrap everything. At that time, my cat Kirian decide that I’m working too long and it is time to play. There was no way out – a time to relax.


Low temperature solder was easy, so I go to next step!

po lutowaniu

I cut wires more or less like always. Melted balls on the ends. Using 0,4mm (26 gauge?) wire I start to wrap and connect all wires.

3 zagubiona w drutach

Unfortunately my wrapper wire broke, so I unwrapped it and wrap once more time using less than 1,5 metre (59in) piece. Second piece of 0,4 mm wire I  started to wrap bottom part, connecting necklace with silver chains. 4 łańcuszki

As usual wires began to live with their own life in my hands, arranging themselves in places and spirals, the best for them and my design. This is little bit frustrating for me, because when I want to lay a wire otherwise, it does not want to be reeved, resists, it can even stab me in the eye until I capitulate and give them freedom. And if don’t surrender – I usually must unwrap all work, because it is not like I wanted to be.

5 jeszcze tylko kamienie
When everything was wrapped and curled, and efect was beautiful, it is time to chemistry. And abuse! Pickling in acid, clean with water, and into tumbling machine. When silver is tumbled all wires stop to be soft, and polish nicely in high lustre. After 4 hours of tumbling, time for stones. Setting quartz was quite annoying. I had to close form without damaging the wire, but luckily it worked. My next step was connecting abmers, so I melt balls on 0,6 mm wire (22 gauge?) and combined it with chains. Now, last step. I reeve suede strap and using 1m silver wire (18gauge?) crafted ends and clasps. Now last touch with cleaning cloth and voilà, necklace is ready! Now time for some photos…

7 całość6 zbliżeniez-boku5 bursztyny

Necklace dimensions is 9 cm (3.54 in) to 4 cm (1.57 in), and with chains and amber in the longest place is 14 cm (5.51 in). Length of necklace (with necklace strap) is 43.5 cm (17.13 in). The weight of the silver is almost 19 g, and the weight of the whole necklace is 35.30g.

I really like it. It’s exactly like I wanted to be – a little heavy, a little light. Energy and ethereal, with a light touch of boho. And how do you like it?

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